Life Update (part 2)

And after talking with Karkat the other day, I knew I had to reestablish communication with Sev.


Yesterday at work, I psyched myself up. Sev still hadn’t ever responded, so maybe he had rejected my apology. As soon as I got home, I pulled out my phone and sent a text. Not a general “hey, how’s it goin’?” But something that required a response from him. If he truly didn’t want to talk to me, he wouldn’t. And that would end it.

To my relief, he did answer. And after we awkwardly conversed for a few minutes, he got direct and asked me why I was there. To which I replied I wanted to see if I still had a friend.

At that point, he called me. And we talked as he drove home.


He gave me an update on his health, and said he was going in for more scans the next day. He asked how I was, and I gave him an update on what I had been up to. We didn’t talk long, because at that point Karkat was calling him. So I hung up.

I took a shower then, a huge weight lifted from my soul. And to my surprise, when I got out and checked my phone I found a text from him:

“Hey man, we’ll always be friends.”



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