Life is a Killer

I want to scream, but I have no breath
I have an unquenched desire for death
The burns on my left arm, no one sees
But the pain inside is much worse than these

If I painted a picture to reflect my state
No colors would be present, just black from hate
Those I once helped have done me wrong
But only myself I put the blame on

If I find someone I love, I watch them die
If I make a friend, that friend will lie
What wrong thing have I done in my past
To live this until I breathe my last?

When I was small, I was scared to be alone
Yet that fate is what I now call home
And returning to the emptiness
The only constant in this broken mess

I’ve always said, “life is a killer”
The sun will rise, but the clouds will blur
So do I drain the blood I’ve retained?
Or kill my heart, so my body remains?

Don’t think this is a cry for attention
Or even asking you for prevention
At this point, I just don’t care
So “saving” me is a useless fare

It’s only a matter of a little more time
We all walk the same damn line
I would make the choice to end it now
But I lack the motivation somehow

Though if things continue the way they are
About a year, but not quite that far
I will simply cease to be
And what I beg of you: …don’t forget me


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