I’m the infection in a body

The strife in a land of peace

The rebel of the family

The nightmares never cease


You shout as you shove me out the door

“Get out, Cancer. This is your home no more.”

So much for Love, so much for Affection

In my mirror is a dead reflection


When the ones who raised you are the ones who despise

You suddenly understand that your life is lies

They didn’t care, they only took

Advantage of a kid, and now he’s a crook


I follow what they taught, still they call me the traitor

This generation will rot as their hearts embrace the hate there


But I understand; I’m a parasite

And cutting me out seems right

Because I feed off you, and in return I lie

But I too… am afraid to die.

A poem portraying my relationship with my family. Not only is it a reference to literal cancer, but also the Zodiac sign that I am under.



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