Personal Expression

Growing up, I was told to dress a certain way, act within certain boundaries, and live up to certain standards. And those bases have given me structure. But at this point in my life, I need to understand why I should do certain things instead of just following orders.

So I am challenging those aspects of life.

First up, fashion sense.

Childhood Guidelines:

  1. Men don’t wear makeup or nail polish.
  2. Men have short hair.
  3. Men don’t wear ‘girl’ colors like pink.
  4. Earrings are for girls.
  5. Tattoos are for punks and rebels.

As for makeup, I cosplay. I wear makeup on occasion, for both aesthetic purposes and to make myself appear more as the character. I don’t see the stigma.

Hair. I like mid-length on myself. Long enough to wear it gets a bit in my face, but short enough it’s not getting caught and tangled too much. Sure, most guys look ‘more manly’ when they have short hair. But really, hair is hair. It’s simply another way to express yourself.

Now personally, I don’t like the color pink. But I don’t see a problem if guys want to wear it. It’s really anyone’s choice.

Earrings. I consider them genderfluid. I think I may get a pair someday soon. But maybe not.

Tattoos are art. A way to permanently imprint a picture on the skin that expresses part of oneself. I like them, and I will get at least one before I die. For me, it has to have deep meaning, for it will be a visible scar to everyone. But I know what I want, I just need to get a few extra bucks and find an artist I can trust.

On this subject, I recently bought a fair sets of colored contact lenses for cosplay purposes. Although I plan to wear them more as a daily thing if they work out. My brown eyes are boring to me, and I like the idea of something so simple like eye color being able to express better about who I am.

Although I know, outward appearances really aren’t important to be who you are. But it’s just the satisfaction of knowing that other people can see me the same way I see myself that is refreshing, and desirable.

I will give an more info on the contact lenses and an update in a future post. For now, I’m calling it a night.



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