DNA Kit (Part 2)

I got the results back!

The process was long, and I was impatient (checked the website everyday, even though they said they would send a notification by email when it was done), but it finally came through. I was at work at the time, and took a quick break to check and see that the information was actually there.

As expected, my lineage is mostly European, with a slight trace of Native American and East Asian. Which is exactly what I had been told growing up, but now it is confirmed. What was unexpected though, was the amount of Irish in  my DNA. I knew of the German, but I don’t recall ever hearing about Irish. It makes sense though, physical appearance wise.

But it also make me happy. Since my chosen brother is Irish, I feel just a little bit closer to him, if that was even possible. I haven’t told him yet, but I will talk to him later today hopefully.

Oh yeah, for future reference, I am just gonna refer to my brother as Karkat. Less confusing that way.

I decided it was getting a little hard to keep up with terms like ‘blood brother’, ‘chosen brother’, ‘close friend’, ‘best friend’ etc.

So from now on. Karkat is my chosen (or adopted) brother. Sev is my close friend. And Roger is my best friend.

Other names will be given as more people are introduced.




  1. I just posted about my DNA results. Like you, I was surprised at the amount of Irish in my Scottish Background. The test was done in Dublin, Ireland. Do ya think they’re lying to us? 😉 😯


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