King of Procrasti-NATION

Almost a year ago, I took my camera up with me while at a cabin with friends. I took some really good photos, and even a few short video clips to use for future projects.

And then in July, I took my camera with me to Florida for a job. Once again, got some great photos, and video clips.

All of which, are still on my SD card…

When it comes to delaying, everyone I know points at me. They all realize how bad I am at keeping deadlines, resolutions, and commitments.

Which is why I will always be single.

But honestly, this isn’t the worst I have done, although certainly the most recent account of laziness.

Ha. Back at thanksgiving, we drew name cards to see who we would make a gift for when the next holiday came around. Which is now next week, and I still haven’t done anything.

Not to mention this blog. Been idle for too long.

Seriously, I just need to buckle down and just get to work.


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