I’ve spent my whole life waiting. Waiting for things to get better, waiting to the right time, waiting for someone to change. And you know, I’ve always been told “Good things come to those who wait.”

But really?

The other night I was up the whole night talking and hanging out with my brother. Laughing. Last night, I spent it talking on the phone with a close friend. Crying.

Waiting doesn’t always bring the ‘reward’ we desire.

I haven’t been able to talk to him for weeks. Not much since he switched jobs, and even less after his breakup. Now and then, I’d send him a message to check up on him, but when he replied, he did it at a time when we were both busy, and the conversation would be short.

But yesterday, I sent a text once again. And he immediately replied. However, the exact wording was: “…we really need to talk when you’ve got time.”

And thus, as soon as I was able to break free to make a call, we did.

Time is a thief. You think you spend time, but time is spending you. And some of us run out sooner than others.


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