I’m an Egalitarian

As a child, I was told like any kid how to behave, what was right and wrong, and what was expected of me. But looking back, the things I was taught are very different from society’s standards.

Growing up in a Conservative Christian home, one of the first things drilled into my head was that girls were less than boys.

According to scripture: The man was made first, and then the woman was made from him. And in a Conservative Christian view, that means the woman must submit, for she is inferior.

Today, I was in the car with a few Conservative Christians. We passed by an outdoor nativity scene that was set up on church property. And to everyone’s amusement, the Angel figurine was tipped over.

Jokingly, I said, “If that’s not a sign something is wrong there, I don’t know what is.”

Someone in the back commented, “Guess their guardian angel isn’t up to the task.”

In response, the driver of the vehicle I was in said, “It was a GIRL angel.” Drawing the word out with disgust.

Honestly, I felt sick when they said that. And I inwardly cried out knowing the children in the back seat heard that statement. I should have actually said something, should have immediately addressed the issue. But I couldn’t speak.

Do you know the damage that does? That mentality?

We create a world where women hate themselves. Teen girls will despise men for shaming them, and feel more inclined to rebel. Men and boys will see females as objects only, a toy to be used and then replaced.

And I know, that’s exactly the world we live in right now. But I am not talking to the world. I am talking to the specific group that raised me.

Christians. You have a duty. Stop this nonsense before it gets any worse.

How can one person say God loves everyone equally, and then turns around just to tear someone down because of gender.

It’s wrong.

Women and girls are just as powerful as any male, although not always physically. But their worth is absolutely the same.



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