The Monster Within

Alright… So yesterday I definitely wasn’t feeling well… and that was pretty obvious to the people I came into contact with.

So today when I hung-out with my friend, and we talked about that. He asked how I was doing, and was able to bring my mood back up. Thankfully, he knows me well enough and understands exactly how my depression manifests, and how to combat that.

We spent the whole day together, and by the end of it I was talking normally again. It was good. And as he was driving me back to where I stay, he commented “I wonder… Does depression block a person’s energy, or do you think it depletes it?”

In answer, I responded. “Both. Depression is like a monster. It gathers all of your energy, puts it on a plate out of your reach, and then devours it.”

The sudden realization was visible in his eyes.

Everyone of us has a monster lurking inside. Sometimes more than one. And it’s a constant battle against them in order to survive.

Because I have been making these kinda long, I have decided to break them up into different blogs. That way, I can have multiple writings per day instead of one giant gathering of thought.

Yeah, I’m still figuring out the best way to do this whole thing. But I think I’m doing a pretty decent job.


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