Daily Treasures

I still wasn’t feeling well this morning, and I didn’t eat all of my breakfast. Both of hated the thought of food going to waste, so my friend suggested we set it out for the birds.

Not long after we left it, and went back over to the car, a group of crows circled and landed in the nearby grass. For a few moments, they seemed to be ‘drawing straws’, but then all but one took to the air again.

That one cautiously made his way over to the food. He took forever to get close to it, and even when he did, he would immediately hop away. This dance continued for a few minutes, as my friend and I observed. But finally, he leapt near, and snatched up a crumb, immediately swallowing. Taking another quick glance around him, he reached out and very carefully lifted the entire piece of food with him as he left the ground, taking the meal to safety. After which, his comrades approached, and a quick friendly spat ensued in which the food was dispersed among them.

At that moment, a shadow overhead startled them. They scattered, and two flew past the car, followed by a swift and quiet predator. I assumed it was a hawk.

The crows fled into the trees, and the creature lost interest, deciding instead to perch on a high-up limb of a nearby oak. I got out of the car to get a better look at it, and to my surprise… it was an owl.

Both my friend and I stood gazing in awe, for the creature was beautiful. It stared right back at us. After a few moments, the owl turned, and glided off it’s perch and away further into the trees.

Some people would say we were lucky to have witnessed that event, because some people spend every day they live searching to see something like that. But I tell you, if you just open your eyes, the experience is majestic.

So don’t walk with your eyes closed. But don’t go out looking for treasure either. Because the treasure you might encounter may not have been exactly how you imagined it. And if you are focused on one manifestation, you might miss the rest.


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