Dangerous Winds

Well, so much for uploading every day. Sometimes you just can’t.

Yesterday for instance, the Wi-Fi was down. I was stuck using my phone data for anything internet related, and that was eating it up fast. I mean, good grief; I only have a certain amount allotted to each month.

Anyways, yeah. I didn’t have internet yesterday, and this is why:

Monday night, there was a severe storm. And I mean SEVERE. Prior to this storm, we were experiencing drought. So much so that there has been a fire in the mountains that has consumed over 8,000 acres. And this month of the year is usually our rainiest season. It was a scary time.

But Monday, the weather forecast predicted rain. Of course, we all knew what that meant. After so much dry weather, we were set up for flooding. No one wanted to drive that day.

But the day came and went, and nothing had happened yet. Finally as the sun was setting, a gust of wind signaled the oncoming storm.

As the night progressed, I  went about my usual activities. Ate dinner, watched a podcast on YouTube while writing a blog post and texting friends, and then picked up my sketchbook to draw. I had just shut my computer down to focus on the artwork when the power blinked and shut off, followed by a crashing sound. The eerie noise of UPS’s bleeping echoes through the house as the winds raged outside.

I heard the children run down the hall in fear, and I stood up cautiously to exit my room as I had no light what-so-ever. Opening the door, I nearly collided with one of the kids, but stopped before the action was completed. He was panicked, and hadn’t seen me until I spoke, but I quickly assured him it was okay, and made my way past him downstairs to see the actual damage and what had taken place.

It still hadn’t begun to rain, so I was able to see the driveway clearly even though it was very dark. And what I saw was not quite what I expected.

The tree that had stood near the edge of the driveway, a decent sized oak, had fallen across the concrete, hit the power lines, and crushed the neighbor’s hedges. The power cables leading to the house were on the ground, and more were on the street.

About that time, a car was driving by, and stopped. He could not go any further because of the power lines down on the road. And so, he called 911. Meanwhile, I called the power company.

A firetruck arrived shortly, and taped the street off. They also sent the fellow home, since there was no way he was getting across. After all the power lines were still live. Shortly after, the power company arrived, and they got to work.

During this entire time, the winds were blowing severely, but there was still no rain. Unfortunately for the workers, the rain arrived about the same time they did.

The power was back on at 4:11am. I hadn’t slept all night, and the house was getting rather cold. But when the power came back, I was finally able to rest.

The next morning, we woke early to clear the tree from the driveway so we could get to work. And I spent the whole day running on adrenaline. That night, I was so exhausted, I actually went to sleep before 2.



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