DNA Kit (Part 1)

So a few days ago I ordered a DNA testing kit. Being a foster kid has always made me insecure about where I belong, and I feel I need to know more about myself. My heritage. And understand where I came from, and thus decide where I am going.

Not to mention, I am just so curious about this kinda stuff.

Today, the kit arrived. I filled out my info online, registered my ID number, and tomorrow the saliva sample will be mailed to the lab. I am excited to see what information is encrypted into my genes.

According to the research I have done, it will give me the general location and origins of my bloodline, as well as possible health problems, and lifestyle advice.

A few months ago, I found out my blood type, and just that knowledge alone has given me so much insight into why I have had health issues in the past, and exactly what caused them.

Food for example: Certain grains have adverse effects for me, and cause unhealthy fattening. They don’t digest easy. And back when I ate those things, I did have harder trouble keeping my weight down, not to mention I had no energy because my body was working so hard on just trying to break the foods down, that it left nothing for me to use during daily life.

The food allergy that I have corresponds exactly to what my blood-type info told me to avoid.

So I really look forward to what this new DNA info will give me.



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