A Change in the Weather…

So… It has been one year to the day since I started singing. And since then, I have noticed many chances in my life. This blog, is the outcome of that.

A little intro:

The main character of this story is a boy between the ages of 16-20. His favorite colors are black and red, and many say he’s a wolf in human form due to his habits, and overall attitude.

Hi, my name is Mitchel. And I am that boy. Some call me Mitch, others call me Legend, and a few refer to me as ‘L’. But the story behind my names I will save for another time.

I am diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Dysthymia Depression, Schizotypal Personality Disorder, and suffer from Cold Induced Asthma. I also have PTSD.

I decided to start this blog mainly as a record for myself. A progress bar to keep track of my mental state this upcoming year.

But also for any wandering readers that might take away something valuable from a quick glance through the window at my life. I plan to keep a record of whatever is going on in my daily journey. So enjoy, and watch as this story plays out.

I mentioned music earlier.

I love music. It’s my daily medicine. Without it, I wouldn’t be here.

I used to write songs when I was a teenager, instead of doing homework. And that’s probably the reason I started failing high-school.

I used to be a straight ‘A’ student, and then the depression hit. When that happened, I lost all motivation. The only thing that I did was sleep. I wanted to sleep life away. Or wake up one day, to a new life.

But that didn’t happen.

After I dropped out of school, I found a job just so I could get away from the house because I was so stressed out from my family trying to get me to do things simply because they thought I was just wasting time.

But trying to breathe is not wasting time. And sleep was the only way I stayed breathing.

I was constantly tired. Drained. Empty. I was dying, and the only thing that kept me there was because every time I was suicidal, I would go to sleep. After a while of this habit, I didn’t even have the motivation to kill myself.

Fall is my favorite season. Not because the colors of the leaves, although they are certainly beautiful.

I like it because it’s a reminder of good memories from childhood, which have been few, but hold much impact on my life.

The weather chance is also very relatable to my life. Kinda like a sunset. The day is ending, but the sun will rise again tomorrow. And the trees prepare to sleep, but they will awaken when the warmth returns.

Likewise, life is very hard right now. So I have to remember today is not the last day. This year is not the last year. And keep walking on this journey…



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